Hosed - 2015


If I Did It
Curated by J. Shyan Rahimi
Bank Floor and Basement at 9800

Taking its title from OJ Simpson’s hypothetical confessional and revolving around ideas of deception, J. Shyan Rahimi’s show, If I Did It explores notions of entrapment, mystification, subterfuge, and acts to propagate certain beliefs. These include types of communication that serve to distort or veil, such as propaganda, counterfeiting, distraction, camouflage, or concealment. Treating the bank as a sort of operative mask that conceals certain ulterior motives and the basement as the darker, more vulnerable underbelly where all is unveiled and intentions are complicated, Rahimi considers the tension between these two floors, between what is seen and what remains hidden. Of a more kitsch or frivolous aesthetic, works in the bank recall the sovereignty of finance or the spectacle of Los Angeles and question the motives driving our manipulations. Underneath the bank in the underground basement are works that expose what lies beneath the masks, that which is kept concealed or has been forgotten.

Includes works by Sarah Abu Abdallah, Brandon Andrew, AYR, York Chang, Zoe Crosher, Matthew Doyle, Encyclopedia Inc., Khalid Al Gharaballi + Fatima Al Qadiri, Anne Grauso, Brandon Drew Holmes, item idem, kukuchu, Natalie Labriola, Rachel Lord, Ren Macdonald, Todd McQuade, Nicolas Miller, Sean Monahan, Chris Moukarbel, Rasmus Myrup, Simone C. Niquille, Blaine O’Neill, Riley O’Neill, Carlye Packer, Sean Raspet, Doug Rickard, Thomas James, Emily Jane Rosen, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Mario Santizo, Laura Schawelka, Petra Szilagyi, Jeffrey Stuker, Abdi Taslimi, Witness 360 + Fitch + Trecartin Studio, Bruno Zhu

Hosed installation, 2015
fire hose, concrete, steel, thread

When the hills burn, money wont save you, 2015 fire hose, thread
Installation view